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Access Me

View all your account details in Me dashboard at https://dev-me.infra.cryptocoin.pro.

Dev-CryptoCoin.pro Me represents a easy way for users to access their account and have a high level overview regarding all our account components, powered by our API.

Me component is build around linked Platforms, and therefore accessing it must be a easy way in, but in the same time secure. Thus, in order to gain access, you have to access the component homepage at https://dev-me.infra.cryptocoin.pro and provide either your email address or a valid ID for an recent Order, Quote, Checkout or Transfer you made.

Depending of what you provide, you will gain access through a secure magic link, that will be send to your email address once you complete the access flow.

If this do not answer your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at contact@cryptocoin.pro.

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